Thursday, July 30, 2009

still alive

i'm not giving up on this, i've just fallen into a pattern of summertime laziness or flat-out exhaustion from hours of playing princesses and eating go-gurt. as usual, my ambitions and projects for what i anticipated to be weeks and weeks of free days to be creative, productive, relaxed, and peaceful fell by the wayside as my calendar filled up with babysitting jobs and my addiction to reality television deepend (embarrassing but true). so here it is, almost august and this blog has been stagnant for 2 months. plus all of the photos i wanted to take/print, stories i wanted to write, books i wanted to read, and new things i wanted to try remain incomplete and undone. with one month left of summer, i'm resolving to get back on track. i'll try to do better, really.

new inspiration (i hope) from jjjjound, of course