Saturday, February 6, 2010

things i love: juergen teller

i'm not always bowled over by fashion photography, but i've always found juergen teller's images so unique and fascinating. from his use of saturated color and bright whites to his ability to capture his subjects in a way that communicates the vulnerability, awkwardness, uncertainty, and instability of mankind, teller's work is always provocative and revealing while remaining beautifully candid.

here are a few of my favorite images of his:

[sofia coppola]

[dree hemingway]

[elton john]

[david hockney]

[margherita missoni]

[bjork and son]

[stephanie seymour]
[winona ryder]

[sofia coppola for marc jacobs parfum]

[tilda swinton]

[victoria beckham]

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