Wednesday, April 29, 2009

catching up

I have been negligent recently, I know this. I have had more 10+ page papers than a person should be able to handle (including one due at 3pm tomorrow). When I haven't been reading, writing, or studying, I've either been asleep or in bed doing absolutely nothing. Or sneezing, rubbing my eyes, and blowing my nose--allergy season has got me bad this year. Every tree in the Chapel Hill area seems to have dumped its pollen just in time for it to catch on the breeze and float on over to my house. Everything I touch makes my skin/clothes turn yellow. yeesh.

In other news, I went home on Saturday and finally got my polaroid Land Camera working, although I definitely need some practice. I had one successful photo and the rest were either out of focus or blurry messes because I didn't have the bellows extended all the way for a couple shots, oops. I can't wait for my replacement battery to arrive so I can begin honing my skills.

Also, I'm planning on getting back in the darkroom this summer. I'm so excited to start shooting film and printing again and I want to order some big, big paper on b&h soon. I just hope that I'll have time/ will be able to make time to being creatively productive. I know I will! I'm excited just thinking about it...can't wait!

I'm thinking about beginning a little weekly or whenever I feel like it post series in which I post a polaroid that captures how i've spent my day, how i've been feeling, what i've been occupied or preoccupied with... Maybe called "story of my day" or something?
hope you like the polaroid dyptich above! I took both photos a couple of days ago and thought the blues and greens were so pretty, plus the subjects complement one another. bring it on summer, I'm ready for ya.

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